Panchnath Casting is well known in the Indian and world market as manufacturer and exporter of Grey Cast Iron.

Our Work

Panchnath Casting

We are glad to introduce our-selves as a quality manufacturing of all kinds of C. I. CASTINGS (Commercial and Graded) CASTINGS as per customer’s requirements. We have 21" Inches Diameters of Cupola furnace and 250 K.g. Capacity of Induction furnace. Our molding process in Green Sand, Molasses Sand, Natural Clay, No-Bake.

We are in this business since 1970 and many leading Manufacturers world wide are on the list of our valued customers. Our range falls from 1 Kg. To 250 Kgs. And our main supply is 'V' Groove Pulley, Tractor Trailer’s Hub. And Parts of Hydraulic Jack, Centrifugal & Pressure Pump, Submersible Pump, Power Press, Lathe Machine, Drilling Machine, Wood Working Machine etc.

and more...

“The vision of Panchnath Castings is to put up global quality standards into its castings, always keeping in view total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement as the core of its activities, striving restlessly.”
“Panchnath will provide quality assured, cost effective and timely delivered, ferrous components, meeting small to medium volume requirements of customers, while striving to be the most environmental friendly foundry.”